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Acquire new clients with a conversation on tax efficient distributions

Posted by Shuang Chen on September 30, 2016

Are you capturing new clients with tax-efficient drawdown strategy conversations?

Is your practice not growing as fast as you would like?  Are you missing that unique story that captures prospects attention?

We might have an answer for you.

What if you could provide your prospects who are approaching retirement or already retired a new view on how different retirement distribution strategies could save them $1 million or more in taxes?

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In Retirement Planning, Simplifying Tax Modeling Can Be Simply Imprudent

Posted by Shuang Chen on March 26, 2016

There is no denying that our U.S. tax system has become mind-numbingly complex, but it is equally true that tax expenses can represent a significant portion of many clients’ overall expenses in their retirement plan. While it is impractical to incorporate all the tax details in your clients’ retirement plans, it is absolutely critical to be able to reasonably account for tax expenses in the retirement plans you prepare.

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