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How I Use Financial Planning to Change Lives

Posted by Anne Laffin on October 24, 2018

Meg Bartelt, CFP®, MSFP is the founder of Flow Financial Planning and one of our newly minted RightCapital Brand Ambassadors. She is a fee-only, virtual financial planner dedicated to helping women in tech cultivate financial strength and connect to a larger professional support network. She recently shared some insight as to how she runs her practice and here's what she had to say.

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5 Benefits of Adding Investment Education into Your Financial Planning Process

Posted by Anne Laffin on September 17, 2018

Clients value your ability to explain how their investments impact their financial goals. You are a coach, a hand holder, a truth teller, and realist.  Helping a client realize their financial dreams goes far beyond dollars and cents and a sound investment philosophy.  It requires trust, honesty, and communication much like all relationships.  But building relationships takes time and trust can be hard to come by.  Adding investment education into your financial planning process is one of the easiest ways to build trust and rapport with your clients.

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I use technology to provide personalized financial planning services virtually to Gen X/Y clients

Posted by Shuang Chen on May 13, 2016

Katie Brewer is a certified financial planner. She started Your Richest Life because she believes that young professionals should have access to a financial coach. Below is our interview with Katie.

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Financial Planners: Identify and Manage risk

Posted by Shuang Chen on March 10, 2016

Banks, life insurance companies and financial planners are all in the business of identifying and managing risk for their clients. There are a lot of similarities between how banks and life insurance companies manage risk and the tools financial planners use to help clients manage their financial futures. 

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