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Lead generation tool designed for financial advisors

Posted by Shuang Chen on September 22, 2016
RightCapital is proud to announce the launch of RightCapital Leads at the XYPN Conference 2016. RightCapital Leads is a lead generation tool designed specifically for financial advisors to help them generate, nurture and convert leads into clients.

Imagine having your own personally branded version of a ‘mint‌.com’!  

Leads portal.png
  • Now advisors can have a unique branded portal that you can add to your website.
  • Any individual consumer can create an account via the portal, without advisor’s invitation.
  • Individual consumers can enter their information with a simple 6-step guided process, see a net worth summary, and track budgeting, spending, and cash flows.
  • Advisors will get an email notification whenever a consumer creates an account.
  • Consumer’s info will be automatically populated in RightCapital’s core financial planning tool. Advisors can easily create/expand to a more comprehensive plan for the client.
  • With a few clicks by advisors, clients can gain access to a much more comprehensive plan via the same portal.
Numerous use cases for RightCapital Leads which can help advisors:
  • Drive more traffic to your site and convert traffic to your site into leads.
  • Engage prospects by offering him/her a “light” planning/analysis before they commit to becoming a client.
  • Start to engage with current clients’ children via a free budgeting/expense tool
  • Reduce the friction associated with converting a lead into a client.
  • Create a more effective digital marketing and webinar process for your practice - now you can provide a link to “free service” to help engage prospects and drive them to take actions.
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Written by Shuang Chen