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The Financial Advisor Website: 5 Critical Things to Consider

Posted by Shuang Chen on July 27, 2016

Timothy Baker, CFP® founded WealthShape after spending over a decade traveling across the United States, helping investors from all walks of life to understand the benefits of disciplined investing, the importance of planning, and above all, the significance of focusing on the things they control to improve the quality of life.

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I use technology to provide personalized financial planning services virtually to Gen X/Y clients

Posted by Shuang Chen on May 13, 2016

Katie Brewer is a certified financial planner. She started Your Richest Life because she believes that young professionals should have access to a financial coach. Below is our interview with Katie.

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Simplifying Tax Modeling in Retirement Planning

Posted by Shuang Chen on March 26, 2016

There is no denying that our U.S. tax system has become mind-numbingly complex, but it is equally true that tax expenses can represent a significant portion of many clients’ overall expenses in their retirement plan. While it is impractical to incorporate all the tax details in your clients’ retirement plans, it is absolutely critical to be able to reasonably account for tax expenses in the retirement plans you prepare.

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Financial Planners: Identify and Manage risk

Posted by Shuang Chen on March 10, 2016

Banks, life insurance companies and financial planners are all in the business of identifying and managing risk for their clients. There are a lot of similarities between how banks and life insurance companies manage risk and the tools financial planners use to help clients manage their financial futures. 

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