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Jeff Beaumont

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What's New - January Recap

Posted by Jeff Beaumont on February 6, 2019

Want to know what’s new?

It can be hard to keep track of the latest and greatest news from RightCapital.  So in an effort to make your life easier and keep you more informed of the latest content, tools, and updates, we will be writing a monthly blog post chock full of news just for you. 

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Enhancing Your Client Experience

Posted by Jeff Beaumont on December 19, 2018

This holiday season has interesting juxtapositions. We’re busy as ever yet are supposed to be reflective; we should slow down, but somehow life seems to speed up.  But one thing is certainly true: we’re all beginning (or continuing!) to think about who we want to be in 2019 and what changes we will need to make to get ourselves there. In other words, we are all looking forwardto what is to come. 

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6 Ways to Engage Your Clients

Posted by Jeff Beaumont on December 5, 2018

Ensuring your clients see the value you provide is something that keeps many advisors up at night. “Is my client happy with my services?” “Is she using the tools, resources, and reports that I share?” “Does he see me delivering the value that we discussed at the very beginning?” Wouldn’t it be nice to easily obtain the answers to these questions? Keeping your clients engaged with your practice is the best way to know where you stand.  

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