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Anne Laffin

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4 Questions that Simplify Social Security Benefits

Posted by Anne Laffin on March 8, 2018

It’s highly likely your clients have questions about retirement and more specifically around social security.  But they may not be sure what to ask except for “when can I retire?” and “when should I collect?”  It’s never too early to talk to your clients about retirement and a quick conversation about key areas of concern can be a great spring board into a discussion around long term financial goals and retirement planning.

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Tax Planning Opportunities with the Tax Cut and Jobs Act

Posted by Anne Laffin on February 7, 2018

It’s hard to read any financial publication these days without seeing some mention of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA). Your clients are most likely aware of the tax changes as well and have started peppering you with questions regarding their financial plan.

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Grow your business with our new Prospecting Video

Posted by Anne Laffin on October 3, 2017

In our latest effort to help you grow your business, we’ve created a high-quality, unbranded prospecting video that highlights the service and technology you provide as a financial advisor to your valued clients.

This video can be used on your website, social media campaigns, or digital marketing efforts and is free to all RightCapital subscribers. 


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